Talcott Mountain Science Center

Summer Programs

Talcott’s Student Device Policy Effective July 20, 2019

We're looking forward to your child's time here at Talcott, and we want to clarify our policy for student devices.  Students are not to bring devices to the summer program at Talcott.

— If your child needs to make a call home, best practice is for them to let a staff member know, and we call or have them call from the office, just like at school.  We have contact numbers readily available.

— If you need to contact us or your child during program hours, please phone us at (860) 677-8571.  Teachers are in phone and radio contact with the main office.

— If there is a question at a bus stop, we also have contact numbers there with our staff and will contact parents about who / when / where your child is being picked up.  If there is a change in people or pickups, that information has to get to our office (860) 677-8571 before 3:30.

— If a student needs a device or apps for Talcott courses, we provide them.

In all of the above cases, there is no need for a student device.

We understand that some students want to use devices for gaming, videos, entertainment, etc.  We no longer allow them, as it too often results in students being out of their seats on the bus ride or mobbing the user at recess. The bus rides are 15 minutes per leg. Recess is valuable time for socializing and getting some activity away from academics. We have sports equipment for outdoor days, plus we have games, building kits, art supplies, and videos for rainy days.

Please leave student devices at home, and thanks for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.